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NeoPets® is a virtual pet and game site. In the NeoPets world players take care of their virtual pet(s), play games, earn and spend neopoints (np).

In addition to the virtual NeoPets world, there are also "realworld" spin-offs. Stuffed animals and other items with NeoPets logos are available for sale in stores.

In order to play, users must set up an ID on the NeoPets site and agree to their terms. There are over 70 million NeoPet IDs. (One person may have multiple IDs under certain conditions.) The NeoPets site is visited by people of all ages. In several cases, relatives use it to interact when they live in different locations. For instance, a grandmother can play and write neomail with her grandchildren who live thousands of miles away.

External LinksEdit

To NeoPetsEdit

When you first set up a NeoPets ID, you can do it by clicking on a link that will give credit to the person who referred you. The following links are labelled with the ID that will get referral credit.

To Wiki Sites about NeoPetsEdit

The Wikipedia has an article on NeoPets.

NeoPets Guilds is another Wikia for NeoPets, especially for guilds to collect helpful hints and information.

This page was originally based on the NeoPets article on the NeoPets Guilds Wikia.

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